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Welcome to Cheaters Investigations

Cheaters Investigations is a South African, privately owned investigations company with 23 years of experience in delivering the truth to persons, companies and institutions because truth=freedom.

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  • Committed to the highest standards
  • We united around one purpose
  • Everything we do is built on honesty
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Bianca S Swift and Accurate Results!

Choosing Cheaters South Africa for my investigative needs was the right decision. The team delivered results beyond my expectations, and their commitment to uncovering the truth was evident in every step of the process. I'm grateful for their expertise and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Jaco B Exceptional Service Round the Clock!

I had the privilege of working with Cheaters South Africa, and their round-the-clock service is truly exceptional. The team's responsiveness and efficiency in handling my case, even during unconventional hours, showcased their commitment to client satisfaction.

Linda T Impressive Expertise and Confidentiality!

I recently engaged Cheaters South Africa for their investigative services, and I must say, their expertise and commitment to confidentiality were truly impressive. The team handled my case with utmost professionalism, and the results exceeded my expectations.

Marize VDL Truth Prevails with Cheaters

Cheaters Investigators helped me navigate the difficult journey of uncovering an affair with grace and professionalism. The truth prevailed, and their commitment to delivering accurate results with sensitivity was evident. If you find yourself in need of answers, trust in Cheaters South Africa to guide you through.

Professional Investigation Services
you can trust


Cheaters Investigation has a 23-year referral client basis. This is a testimonial of their expertise and trust relationships and track ...


Confidentiality is the foundation of Cheaters Investigation’s business in the Security Industry. All investigations are confidential and handled with utmost ...


Cheaters South Africa operates nationwide to supply a National Infrastructure of investigative services in all regions of South Africa and ...

Interesting & amazing facts about company

Combined years’ experience
Completed Successful cases
Highest value court settlement
Bug-Sweeps, reveal 98 bugs found

Private Investigation Services

Private Detective Cape Town

Our Cape Town branch boasts a team of seasoned private detectives, well-versed in the intricacies of the local landscape. They are adept at handling cases with discretion, ensuring client confidentiality at all times.

PI Detective: The Cheaters Edge

Our PI detectives bring a unique blend of police and military intelligence experience to the table. This, combined with our affiliation with PSIRA, ensures that our clients receive nothing but the best.

Private Detective Cape Town

Our Cape Town branch boasts a team of seasoned private detectives, well-versed in the intricacies of the local landscape. They are adept at handling cases with discretion, ensuring client confidentiality at all times.

Private Investigation Companies: Why We Stand Out

While there are numerous private investigation companies out there, Cheaters South Africa has carved a niche for itself. Our commitment to honesty, client satisfaction, and delivering strategic results sets us apart.

Seeking a Private Investigator Near You?

Look no further. With our expansive network across South Africa, we’re always just a call away. Whether it’s a suspicion about a cheating spouse or concerns about employee conduct, our team is equipped to handle it all.


A.k.a. a PI (private eye) or a private detective is normally hired to do an investigation. Around the world PI’s normally have backgrounds in police or military intelligence and brings these skills to the private market, in South Africa the professional body to whom all PI’s should belong is PSIRA which comes from the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001.

If you are a victim of a crime, suspects a matter of infidelity or misappropriation or are concerned about the truthfulness or background of a person, need to find a missing or wanted person and don’t or can’t depend on the police, then you need a PI. Private Investigators have a specific skill to find a solutions to a client’s problem which is strategic, and results driven.

Private Investigators are focused on effectively and efficiently solving cases that you bring to them. They are experts in investigating the matter so that the Police can be used to arrest and prosecute. They have all skills, equipment, and technology to solve any case and their focus is on bringing the truth to you and help bolster your case for effective results and evidence. They are also good in preparing case files for court, for example.
The PI can assist you in finding the truth, prepare you for legal battles, especially civil processes, but also in criminal cases. Normally the policy will mainly focus on criminal cases where the PI’s focus is tailored to match your exact needs.
If you are a victim of some kind and want to find the truth, generally you will want to hire a PI – our client base is rich and diverse and ranges from anything from marriage infidelity (cheating husbands and cheating wives) to insurance companies, corporate businesses, law firms to just about any private party not involved with the police who have a need for such a service.
You should always ensure that you enquiry and hire a repute PI. You can verify our license and good standing with PSiRA by running our PSiRA registration number, 1637810 on the business verification portal on the PSIRA home page. You are also welcome to ask us for a list of referrals to do your due diligence.

Private investigators offer many types of investigations. At Cheaters we often help you get to the bottom of suspected infidelity matters and help prepare you for court, we also often work for law firms to gather information on civil or defence cases. We also help to trace missing persons, perform bug sweeps and almost any imaginable case where you need to find out the truth.

We also do a lot of field work that may involve covert or undercover work, surveillance and countersurveillance, performing polygraph tests and conducting OSINT searches to paternity, DNA, ballistics testing and many more.

If you are looking for someone or something, chances are a private investigator can help you. Below is a list of some services that we perform:


  • Asset Search
  • Background Checks
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bug Sweep / TSCM
  • Child Support / Custody
  • Civil Investigations
  • Computer Forensics / Crime
  • Corporate
  • Crime Scene
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Crime Investigations
  • Electronic Data Discovery
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Executive Protection
  • Financial Investigations
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Risk Assessments on Employees, Suppliers and Clients 
  • Forensic Auditing
  • Fraud Investigations
  • General Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
  • Insurance Claim Investigation and verifications
  • Judgment Recovery
  • Missing Persons
  • Mystery Shopper
  • People Locate / Skip Trace
  • Polygraph / Lie Detector
  • Surveillance Corporate or Private
  • Trial Preparation
  • Video / Photo Surveillance
  • Employee Theft and moonlightening
  • Workers 
  • Compensation Claim verification
  • Arson / Fire
  • Accident / Reconstruction

As part of our surveillance and other services, we may use a plethora of technological devices. Private investigators use sophisticated equipment which is renewed annually for best application to operational environment.

The use of binoculars is outdated, and current extension lenses, digital cameras, hidden cameras and night vision cameras are state of the art. They may also use debugging equipment, recording devices and tracking equipment. A van or other vehicle may also be outfitted with surveillance equipment and drone technology and computer technology is also often used.

When you need help obtaining information on a company or person, or when you need help researching a crime of potential witnesses for a criminal case, it is important that you have a licensed private investigator on your side. A skilled investigator can help you find the cause of property damage, check the legitimacy of investments, protect your assets, or investigate your partner when you believe they have been unfaithful. Investigators have access to a number of databases that the general public does not and can legally use tactics that non-investigators cannot.

Around 45-50% of married women and around 50 – 60% of married men cheat at some point in their relationships, we have also found that around 87% of women and about 54% of men who feel their partners are cheating – are right.


This means that more than half of all long-term relationships suffers from infidelity at some point, and although there are a lot of cognitive dissonance involved and a lot of excuses offered, cheating is never the right move to make.

We here at Cheaters will bring you the evidence of your suspicions – bringing you the peace of mind you long for.

The biggest that your partner is cheating involves changes in their behaviour, such as in their normal routine and how they express (or don’t express) their affection for you.

From seeing sudden changes to your partner’s appearance, level of confidence, to new strange scents or marks on the body (e.g. “love bites”) to strange, dropped calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages and even an intuitive gut feeling that something is awry – it is always important that you listen to your senses and what your gut tells you.

Cheating can mean any of the following and even more:

  • An emotional affair
  • Compulsive sexual behaviour1
  • Coveting someone else
  • Online flirtation
  • Sexting someone else other than your partner
  • Desiring two people at once (existing partner and another)
  • One night stand

Professional Investigation Services at
an affordable price

Junior Investigator

R550/ hour

  • Code 08 advance driving course
  • Trained with min 3 years’ experience.
  • Covert & on foot surveillance.
  • Stake out expert.
  • Physically fit and healthy.
  • 24/7 teamwork support.

Senior Investigator

R750/ hour

  • Trained with min 8-10 years’ experience.
  • Covert & on foot land & sea surveillance.
  • Code 10 & advance code 8 driving course.
  • Team leader for stake with criminal background.
  • Physically fit and healthy.
  • 24/7 team leader and group support support.

Tell-tale signs of a cheating partner

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