Debugging and Sweeping

Modern listening devices (bugs) and covert video recorders are tiny, powerful and easy to hide. Any conversation or action taking place can then easily be recorded with surveillance equipment. We are able to install wiretaps, mobile and landline listening devices as well as hidden video camera and recording equipment.

All de-bugging, eavesdropping and discreet filming operations are carried out with the client's full knowledge and in accordance with South African Legislative requirements, including Act 127 of 1992, the Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act.

Eavesdropping operations generally have three principal elements:

Our counter espionage or Debugging service use state of the art electronic detectors and sweepers, equivalent to those used by National Intelligence. A Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) survey, also known as a "sweep," is done by qualified, experienced consultants specializing in the field of detection. They can detect the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards as well as identify technical security weaknesses that could facilitate a technical penetration of the facility.

To optimize your corporate security we include the following sweeps:

    - Detection of wiretaps on Telephone Lines, Private Lines, Fax Lines, Extension or Incoming Lines and distribution facilities also known as PABX or other Internal Call Distribution Facilitators.
    - Detection of hidden cameras
    - Securing of computer data lines
    - De-bugging telephones and mobile cellular phones
    - Eavesdropping Detection in Open Office Areas which may include Corporate Space, Offices and Boardrooms.
    - De-bugging of your home and car.
    - A physical examination of interior and exterior areas, false ceilings and
    - Heating ,air conditioning, plumbing, and ventilation systems for evidence of eavesdropping.