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Bugsweeps / Debugging

Bugsweeps / Debugging

In modern society with modern technology, it is not uncommon for spouses, employers, or competition to resort to some sort of bugging or tracking devices. These will provide them with invaluable information they would not normally have access to. An example of this would be an ex-partner placing a GPS tracker on your personal vehicle, so they know your mobile movements and whereabouts 24/7. This is not only an invasion of your privacy, but also exposes children and possible new relationships in your life.

For competitive advantage, compromising information which could be commercially valuable information and influence decision making are powerful motivators for spying and committing espionage. It takes experts to detect and prevent espionage. As anti-espionage investigators in South Africa we have a national footprint with the highest standard and are well known as counter-surveillance specialists. For years we have been trusted by high profile individuals, corporations, law firms, healthcare providers, research organizations, security companies and law enforcement to protect personal and commercial interests.

Espionage and “bugging” are real occurrences in our modern world, and they are proven methods of obtaining information secretly, laying the foundation for coercion, extortion and manipulation. Individuals and organizations handling privileged information and intellectual property invests continuously in regular bug sweeps / debugging also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSMC).

‘Bugs’ – concealed in listening devices, video cameras and trackers can be planted when a location is left unsupervised.

Communal areas where bugs have been found:

  • Conference rooms and boardrooms.
  • Private Residential homes (even bedrooms).
  • Employee lounges and smoker areas.
  • Attachments to Office Equipment with magnets.
  • GPS vehicle tracking devices in vehicles.
  • Server and networks hacks in server rooms and on PABX systems.
  • Spyware on mobile devices and computers.
  • Hijacked Bluetooth, cellular and Wi-Fi signals.

Do not wonder if you are being spied on!
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