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Cyber & Social Media Investigations

Cyber & Social Media Investigations

Social media networks have grown rapidly as a key platform for communicating and sharing information.

Our social media investigations involve the detailed analysis of an organisations or individual’s social media footprint. They are commonly used to provide information relevant to an investigation, court case, background checks or to establish an alibi.

Public information that peoples share on sites can be of value to anyone interested in investigating people. Social media investigations can be critical when providing amicable evidence in civil and criminal matters.

Opensource intelligence (OSINT) involves the collection, processes as well as gathering and profiling of publicly available information in the private and public sector.

This also include skilled sourcing of public and private Database intelligence on individuals and businesses in client’s interest for intelligence purposes.

Cyber intelligence and opensource intelligence profiling assists us to identifying vulnerabilities in the online dimension.

Cyber Crimes are targeted at individuals and companies on online platforms, Huge fraud intended advertisements and predators are lurking on the surface, deep and dark web to identify innocent social media users.

Skilled scamsters are continuously monitoring for open profiles, making friends, offering opportunities, and asking for favours such as cash deposits, lotteries, click baiting, fake job offers, fraudulent fundraising, post relating, card details sharing, and software downloads.

Cybercrime is an easy way to target people because it requires only a computer, an internet connection and criminal intend.

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