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Employee Monitoring

Any business needs to be productive and strategically focused on the best utilisation of its human assets – employees.

Through decades of investigations delivered to businesses Cheaters Investigations have supplied indisputable evidence that some employees could be betraying their employers by either ‘moonlighting’ to competitors or establishing and running their own private businesses during employment.

Within SA Labour laws and intense CCMA procedures geared to favour the employee it is crucial for an employer to reputedly investigate and gather unmistakable evidence of betrayal by the employee.

Cheaters Investigations use specialised skills and technology to covertly monitor the employee and gather evidence in client interest.

Our processes include but are not limited to covert visual observation. Covert intelligence of business operations contradicting employment form part of the investigations.

Restraint of Trade investigations is part of this investigation sector and could be very beneficial to client to proof that an ex-employee, business partner or company Director is involved in competitors and breaking the restraint of trade agreement.

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